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OASIS Medical, Inc.

Dry Eye Solutions From Oasis Medical.

OASIS Medical, Inc. has been dedicated to the eye care business for over 20 years and has been providing dry eye products for the past 10 years. OASIS continues to research products to improve dry eye treatment and bring comfort to patients.

Did You Realize?
Not all eye drops are the same. Oasis TEARST is a new type of eye drop with a unique, viscoadaptive formula, optimized to provide longer lasting comfort. Oasis TEARST Lubricant Eye Drops:

Why a viscoadaptive lubricant eye drop?
Oasis TEARST lubricant eye drops coat, lubricate and moisten delicate eye tissue. With each blink of the eye, the viscoadaptive agent in Oasis TEARST coats and recoats the surface of the eye for continued relief of dry irritated eyes.

Use Oasis TEARST to relieve dry eye symptoms such as:

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