Great NEWS for vision care consumers

AMO inc. launches the iLASIK product line

LASIK eye surgery has been one of great ophthalmic successes over the last 10 years. This surgery has enabled millions of people to not have to wear glasses. The freedom these people have received is often described as "completely incredible". Over these ten years ophthalmology inventors have been very active trying to help doctors make this procedure even better. AMO Inc. (American Medical Optics) has been a dedicated leader in this field trying to make and safer technology. This company is the first company to integrate an excimer laser, wavefront technology device and a blade-free or femtosecond laser for flaps creation into one easy to understand system. Listed below is some of the consumer information that is available.

ilASIK for generation "I"

Vance Thompson Vision

Sioux Falls, SD

Thomas Eye Group

Atlanta, GA