Other Types of LASIK


Epi-LASIK involves cutting a super thin flap from tissue known as epithelium that covers the very front of the eye's surface or cornea. Epi-LASIK does differ from LASIK primarily based around the type of flap created. The flap cut is so thin that it does not penetrate the actual cornea, whereas LASIK actually penetrates into the cornea. With Epi-LASIK the ophthalmologist uses epithelial separator to separate the sheet from the eye. After the epithelial separator has created this ultra thin flap the flap is lifted and carefully folded back. The next step involves using excimer lasers just like with conventional LASIK. The laser treatment then occurs, thus reshaping the surface of the eye. The epithelial flap is then gently repositioned back on the eye. A contact lens bandage may be required after the surgery to assist with the healing process. After Epi-LASIK, like regular LASIK eye surgery a patient typically enters the post-operative period where close attention is needed. Most Epi-LASIK patients are not as comfortable in this initial post-operative period as they are with LASIK. Traditional LASIK still offers better initial improvement and a WOW factor! In about 2 weeks the vision after Epi-LASIK is comparable to that of LASIK.

Refractive Lensectomy

Patients without cataracts may also choose a multifocal lens to correct for far sightedness, near sightedness, and presbyopia to give them a quality range of vision like they had when they were younger. A clear lensectomy, similar to cataract surgery, is performed to remove the natural lens and replace it with the multifocal lens. Refractive surgeries are elective procedures and therefore the patient is responsible for all costs.

While multifocal lenses are designed with the goal of providing independence from glasses and contacts for most activities, they do not guarantee that you will be completely free from needing some correction for certain tasks. Additional refractive adjustments, such as LASIK, may be needed to correct patients to their desired distance results.

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