What is the advantage of Blade-free LASIK surgery?

Several clinical studies suggest that regardless of whether the LASIK flap is created with a blade (microkeratome) or with a laser (Blade-free LASIK), the visual outcome is excellent. There does not seem to be a significant advantage in how the flap is made in regards to the vision obtained after the surgery; however, Blade-free LASIK may offer a small advantage of safety.

blade free lasik

Although rare, when a blade makes the flap, the flap can be made irregularly, with a tattered edge or perhaps a buttonhole in the center. This may occur if the blade (microkeratome) comes loose from the eye during its cutting pass. With a laser created flap in Blade-free LASIK, this risk of an irregular flap is reduced. If the laser becomes detached from the eye during the cutting pass, unlike the blade, the laser can be reattached and the pass started over in most cases. As such, a portion of flap related complications may be avoided with the Blade-free LASIK technique.

Please note that regardless of which technology is used to make the flap the risk of any problem with cutting the flap during the surgery is very small.

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