Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking (CXL) is an exciting new corneal surgical procedure that is currently approved for use abroad and is undergoing clinical trials in the United States for FDA approval. CXL and bonding technology has been used in dentistry, orthopedics, and dermatology for many years. Its potential benefit in ophthalmology is to improve the biomechanics of the cornea. CXL is used to help stiffen weak corneas that are progressively warping, such as those that suffer from the corneal disease keratoconus. CXL is a simple, safe, and effective procedure for the management of ectatic, inflammatory diseases of the cornea as well as corneal melting and bullous keratopathy.  In the near future, CXL treatments may become a standard of care.

CXL results abroad confirm the procedures’ effectiveness in stabilizing corneal biomechanics and rehabilitating patients without the need for more invasive procedures.

In CXL, the cornea is soaked with a vitamin solution and then exposed to ultraviolet light. This process creates new cross-links between the fibers of the cornea, increasing its strength and helping to prevent further corneal warping from occurring.

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