Some disadvantages of color contact lenses

There are some situations where the colored portion of the contact lens may slide over the pupil and cause decreased or diminished vision. This can be dangerous in driving or sports, and illustrates one example of why it is important that the proper size be fit to the eye.

The size of the normal pupil is constantly changing to accommodate to light and reading condition changes, so there may be times that the pupil will be larger than the clear center of the opaque lens. In this instance, the patient may experience glare, or halo, or reduced vision.

Of course, any contact lens comes with risks including eye infection or eye pain. A torn or damaged lens can cause pain and should be discarded and replaced. The average life of a tinted soft lens is about 10-14 months. Infection becomes more probable if the lens is very old or improperly cared for.

Disinfecting the contact lens nightly, and wearing the lens as prescribed is vey important.

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