Cosmetic Contact Lenses for Aniridia

An eye doctor should be contacted to fit these special lenses. These are not typical designs and are often harder to find and more expensive.  Generally, once the need is determined an appointment is secured for a contact lens evaluation and fitting. The doctor doing the fitting will make certain it is safe for the eye to wear a contact lens. Measurements are taken, including keratometry (measurement of the central 3 mm of the corneal curve) and topography (a video measurement of curvature of the surface of the eye) Contact lenses will be tried on for size, and sometimes photographs of the normal eye are taken.

Often a clear lens is fit first, and then sent out for tinting. There are several labs in the US that do superb tinting. Sometimes lenses are painted and sometimes they are dyed. The dye or paint used is FDA approved for use in contact lenses and on the eye.

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