Cosmetic Contact Lenses for Eye Color Change

There are several ‘degrees’ of cosmetic tints. A ‘visibility’ tint is usually light blue or light green and is added to a lens mainly for handling purposes, or to help the patient see it better. It does not change the color of the eye and it does not color what the patient sees.

An ‘enhancement’ tint is a solid tint but it is translucent, or see-through. It is a little darker than a visibility tint and it does change the color of the eye.  It is meant to enhance the natural color of the eye. These tints work best for patients with light colored eyes to make that color more intense.

"Opaque" tints are darker and do change the color of the eye completely. Usually the tints are patterns or combinations of colors to look more natural, and they come in many shades, including green, blue, violet, gray, hazel, and deep brown. Because they are opaque, they have a small round clear opening that is positioned over the natural pupil. This way they do not block light from entering the eye and they do not act like sunglasses.

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